Co-Managed IT Services

Understanding Co-Managed IT Services

Most business owners think that IT management is limited to two types; internal or external management. However, that is incorrect because there is a third type called Co-managed IT. This is where the internal IT staff of an organization are combined with an external IT contractor. With this arrangement, a business can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Internal IT staff are integrated into the business, and they understand the industry and business goals. Therefore, offering them support from external IT experts creates a strategic partnership. Notably, it is a perfect combination for both large and small businesses seeking rapid growth.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

Access to High-Tech Equipment at an Affordable Cost,
Probably, one of the greatest benefits of using Co-managed IT is the amount of money a business can save on equipment. As opposed to buying all IT equipment from scratch, it is cheaper to rent the infrastructure. Even though the business gets limited control of the systems, they still enjoy numerous benefits. Shared networks also tend to be more efficient and faster because they are run by experts.

Round the Clock Customer Support

A combined approach to IT avails external IT support that comes with a 24-hour help desk. This is because IT issues and malfunctions are common, and most of them cannot be handled by a layman. That said, having a co-managed IT arrangement eliminates any cases of system downtime. This is important, especially now that most businesses rely on IT for almost every activity.

Additionally, most companies consider help desks to be a minor part of a cloud plan. Therefore, not many companies include it in their internal IT infrastructure. This is why a co-managed IT plan is great because it avails a help desk at no extra cost. Most importantly, the company employees have someone outside the company to go to for IT assistance.

Access to a Great Pool of Talent

Getting into a co-managed IT partnership means that the business can access highly skilled employees at low costs. This is as opposed to hiring IT experts to serve the business specifically. It is a perfect way to save on labor costs because the number of required in-house IT personnel is reduced.

At the same time, it becomes easier for all employees, including the IT team, to solve problems. Whenever they ran into unfamiliar IT issues, they can make external consultations and get help. This ensures that a smooth workflow is upheld all year round.

Better IT Security

With the increase in cyber-crime cases, IT security has become a major concern for many businesses. The only way to uphold security is by ensuring the quality of IT experts dealing with the system. That said, it is clear why co-managed IT services are the best since they give access to talented experts.

Wind Up

When looking for various services such as structured cabling or Wi-Fi installation, it is best to use co-managed IT services. This is because there is a guarantee for quality and value for money. Most importantly, unauthorized access to the IT infrastructure is prevented and avoided at all costs.

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