3 Tips to Secure Your Network

The need for cybersecurity today is huge. Before the 80s we had closed systems with very limited access that were centrally managed. There weren’t as many possible attack methods that could be used to access that data illegally. 

In the 80s we started networking and connecting those devices together. Wired at first and then wireless. This made it easier for individuals to connect. But it also made it easier for our systems to be compromised. 

There are millions of potential hackers out there today. 

Cybersecurity is simply the act of protecting your systems and networks from digital attack or compromise. 

Why would a business need to have cybersecurity?

Imagine this. You are a business owner. You’ve spent the last 20 years building your business to where it is today. You have decades of customer information tucked away into your computer systems. You have all your business and banking passwords in these systems. 

All it takes is one breach. One.

All that information would be in the hands of someone who could bring your company down. 

There are 3 things every company can do to help.

1. Authorization

You need to have certain people who are authorized to access and modify data and only those people should have access. You can do this by having a few things in place:

  • 2 Factor Authentication – The first layer would of course be a password. But we’re going to add a second layer of protection. This could be in the form of a question that only that person would know the answer to. Or having a code texted directly to that person’s phone. 
  • Authorization – Once this person is able to log in you need to be able to control what this person has permission to access and modify. 

This will keep unauthorized people away from your data. 

2. Encryption

What about when your sending data across your network. 

Is that data safe from prying eyes? 

Is that data vulnerable when its in transit?

How do you protect that data?

One word: Encryption.

Encrypting your data simply means that your scrambling the data when it is in transit so that if someone were to successfully hack into that data, they wouldn’t be able to make sense of it. 

Ways you can encrypt your data:

  • Using IP security 

3. Before – During – After

What does this mean? Simply, take a look at your systems and think of ways you can prevent attacks. Preventing an attack takes a lot less time and effort than cleaning up after an attack has already happened.

So take a look at all of your systems and figure out ways to prevent attacks from happening.

Are you overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to keep your business systems safe?

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